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“We help our clients fully appreciate the qualities the market sees in them and through this focus on the opportunities that truly suit their skills, experience and personality.”

John McCarthy, Managing Partner

For individuals...

Stork & May work with senior individuals who are making strategic career decisions; people leaving their organisation, joining a new one, securing an external board appointment or being prepared for succession.

Stork & May is the leading firm within this specialist area, offering informed insights and deep experience that will make a material difference to your chances of achieving your ambitions.

We understand what it takes to be appointed and succeed at Board level. Our knowledge of how the senior career market works is exceptional. Our insight comes from a combination of the firm’s experience working with some 1,500 senior individuals over more than two decades, together with our own diverse business experience – internationally, across a broad range of sectors and in many different senior roles and contexts.

Talented individuals want to actively manage their careers and plan for the long-term. They may choose to move, or can find themselves leaving a company unexpectedly for many reasons outside their control, such as takeovers, restructurings or when there are changes of strategy, focus or style at the very top.

Whether you are seeking another executive role, or wish to build a portfolio of non-executive and advisory roles, we work with you for as long as it takes. We provide advice and support at every step of the way, formulating a career strategy, identifying your unique strengths and providing in-depth research into specific opportunities to maximise your chances of success.

For those who are new to an organisation, or who are progressing to more senior roles that offer new challenges and require new approaches we offer mentoring towards specific objectives or assistance in securing a non-executive position on an outside board.

Your future, our experience.
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