About Stork & May

Founded in 1995, we are a partnership advising senior executives thinking about or making major career steps – onwards, inwards and upwards

We help clients making career moves, preparing for ceo succession, building a non-executive portfolio or seeking development in their current role.

Our clients tell us that we are trusted partners in facilitating meaningful conversations; we offer a place where successful, senior individuals can open up by being asked the right questions: questions informed by experience and understanding of corporate environments.

We help our clients fully appreciate the qualities others see in them and through this focus on the opportunities that truly suit their skills, experience and personality.

We bring a diversity of business backgrounds and personal style, which allows us to ensure that individual clients are well matched with their Stork & May partner. We work collaboratively as a partnership, sharing views and ideas in the interests of our clients as a whole and as a means of capturing our insights and learning.