Jenny Martin


“My experience working with senior executives and directors to support performance improvement, coupled with an interest in personal motivation and psychology seems like a perfect fit for executive coaching.”

During my 25 years as a management consultant, I have advised executives, directors and chairmen across a range of industries and spent much of my career in the Boardroom.  I co-founded a successful consulting firm in 2000 and helped to lead its sale 15 years later.  I have learned an enormous amount about what makes individuals and teams successful and recognise that motivation is highly personal.

I have spent the last few years coaching and mentoring, bringing my experience of advising some of the UKs leading firms, with an added flavour of coaching science.

I like to provide a safe space in which my clients can feel comfortable in challenging themselves and find new ways to work that provide them with enjoyment and success in their work.


  • Meyler Campbell trained Business Coach
  • Diploma (with Distinction) in Psychology and Neuroscience from King’s College London
  • MA in Mathematics – University of Oxford


  • Mercer
  • Kepler Associates
  • SCA Consulting
  • Cabinet Office
  • HM Treasury