Matt Nixon


“My career has provided diverse, global experiences of both executive leadership and consultancy work, ranging from positions in large multinationals to small boutiques, as well as running my own firm and working in the new ‘gig’ economy.”

I draw on all these experiences in coaching and advising clients as they make changes in their own careers – I know what it feels like to be uncertain and become ‘inexpert’ again in a new context. I try to help my clients understand the big picture and what they can control or influence, and support them practically and emotionally as they progress towards the next chapter of their lives.

My first career was in management consultancy in international firms doing strategy and organisation work. I lived in Chicago for five years and then as a partner led the UK rewards practice for several years. I worked for clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, FMCG, telecoms and UK public sector.

My experiences in my second career working at board level in large companies informs my coaching and support for senior executives.

For Shell, I led organisation effectiveness on a global basis and lived in the Netherlands but worked all over the world with the most senior leaders during some turbulent times. At Barclays, I was the Group Head of Talent, and became actively involved in the response to the LIBOR scandal and our subsequent investigations and work on culture and leadership in banking.

Since 2014 I have focused on consulting – setting up my own firm – coaching, writing and occasionally teaching about how leaders and boards can create healthy organisations and avoid hubris and damaging crises.

Working for Stork & May is a privileged opportunity to draw on all these experiences and support my clients as they navigate uncharted waters.


  • MA Classics, Christ Church, Oxford University
  • Adjunct Faculty, Ashridge Business School


  • Disraeli Group Ltd
  • Barclays
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Towers Perrin
  • Metapraxis
  • Andersen Consulting