Working With Us

Advising Senior Executives who are leaving their companies.

Career Moves

For many years Stork & May’s core activity has been advising senior executives who are preparing to leave their organisations.

We provide grounded, informed and positive assistance which minimises any difficulty and results in a more effective outcome for both the individual and the company. This in turn has an encouraging effect on those who remain.

Talented individuals want to manage their careers actively and plan for the long-term.  Whether clients are seeking another executive role or wish to build a portfolio of non-executive and advisory roles, we provide advice and support at every step of the way, formulating a career strategy, identifying unique strengths and providing in-depth research into specific opportunities.

We act as trusted advisor and coach throughout the process, building lasting relationships with our clients that are maintained as they become our alumni and part of our established network.


Coaching & Mentoring

Stork & May work with individuals whilst they are in-role, often when they are either starting a new position, have been identified as a potential internal succession candidate for a bigger role, or have been promoted to a new level and breadth of responsibility. Here we advise, coach and mentor against clear objectives.

We help our clients become better CEOs, NEDs, Chairs and Directors. We work closely with aspirant CEOs for internal CEO succession.

We advise, coach and mentor against clear objectives.  Or we help individuals to find a concurrent non-executive role on another Board to develop new perspectives and understanding.